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Holocellulose – a new bio-based material with unique properties

Researchers at RISE have developed a process for producing a material composed of holocellulose. This wood-based material is completely white without any additives and can therefore ´be reused in new products.

“In simple terms, you can say that wood consists of four components; cellulose, hemicellulose, lignin and extractives. We have developed a lab-scale process by which we remove the lignin and extractives. This leaves us with a material called holocellulose,” explains RISE senior research associate Dina Dedic.

This new material has unique properties; it is completely white and appears to be far less susceptible to discolouration due to sunlight and aging than, for example, paper and wood. In addition, the fact that it contains no additives, such as paint and wood stain, means that it can be reused in new bio-based products such as clothing. skin cream and transparent film.


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