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Helping electric bikes to reach the requirements

In 2017, the Christmas Gift of the Year in Sweden was the electric bicycle. And interest has only increased since then. RISE has extensive experience of the regulations relating to ordinary bicycles as well as those for electric bikes, or more formally: electrically power assisted cycles (EPAC). To feel assured as a consumer, there are a few simple things to keep track of.

Standards and requirements are needed. If you buy a product, you should be able to trust that it will not break during normal use and that someone is responsible for ensuring that the product meets the relevant requirements.

In the EU, electric bicycles are classified as machines. As a result, they must comply with the requirements of the EU Machinery Directive. The manufacturer is responsible for ensuring compliance with the requirements. The CE mark assures you, as a consumer, that this is the case.

“We don’t issue CE certifications, that’s not our job. However, we can help importers and manufacturers to check that everything is in order so that the CE mark can be applied and the product can be offered to the market,” says Stefan Olsson, Certification Engineer at RISE.

When it comes to classic pedal bikes, RISE can provide certification in accordance with international standards. The standards include ISO 4210 for ordinary bicycles and ISO 8098 for children’s bikes. RISE is an independent test lab for bicycles and participated in establishing European standards to ensure the safety of the bicycles.

If having different standards sounds complicated, Stefan Olsson has some advice for those of you interested in buying an electric bike:

“Consumers cannot be expected to keep track of all the aspects in this type of issue. But as long as the bike has a machine plate displaying the CE mark, an original user manual – or a translation of the original – and the EC declaration of conformity in the country’s language which refers to the EU Machinery Directive, you can assume that the bike meets the basic health and safety requirements.”

Published: 2018-12-11