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Global trends are creating new conditions

The world is changing and global trends are changing the conditions for countries, communities and markets around the world. The need to transition to a sustainable development entails challenges – as well as opportunities – for both businesses and society. We need to think and act differently than before.

The global economy is expected to double in size by the year 2050. Economic growth is driven by the increased productivity made possible by technological development and is significantly outpacing population growth. Growing economies in countries such as China, India, Indonesia and Brazil continue to be the driving forces in the global economy, while Europe’s share of the world’s GNP is expected to decrease significantly. At the same time, there is an increased relocation of research and innovation initiatives towards Asia, but both the EU and Sweden continue to be important actors through several international cooperative arrangements.

RISE shall be a part of the solution, a catalyst in the development that will contribute to finding new sustainable solutions.”

– Christina Caesar

Challenge for Sweden

The global changes entail both challenges and opportunities for Sweden, which is an export-dependent country. In order to create renewal and growth, Sweden’s innovative capacity has to be strengthened. A strong, coordinated research institute such as RISE can contribute to strengthening the entire Swedish innovation system. RISE shall be a part of the solution, a catalyst in the development that will contribute to finding new sustainable solutions.

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Has an impact of both industry and and public sectors

The major global changes also affect our customers and cooperative partners. For example, the public sector is facing major challenges, such as increased digitalisation of healthcare, the development towards a fossil-independent transport system and increased urbanisation, all of which bring with them new requirements, including the need for sustainable increases to development density and healthcare planning. Basic industry needs to be servicified and change its business models in the wake of rapid technical change. The service sector will develop and expand. For small and medium-sized enterprises, renewal and innovation will be crucial.

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RISE research council provides guidance

To provide guidance for RISE future research investments, a research council was formed in 2017, composed of representatives from trade and industry and academia. The research council is tasked with providing advice on strategic issues regarding the direction of the research and the issues prioritised by trade and industry.

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Published: 2020-02-14
Christina Caesar

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Christina Caesar

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