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Food Venture Sweden presents business opportunities

Food Venture Sweden is the food sector’s meeting place for startup companies, industry and investors. The event is orchestrated by RISE via Livsmedalsacceleratorn (the Food Accelerator) and stimulates collaborations and business opportunities to create a globally competitive, innovative, sustainable and attractive food industry.

For the fourth year in a row, Food Venture Sweden is being held from 14-15 May in Gothenburg. Food Venture Sweden is an annual meeting place for startups, industry players and investors that creates the conditions for the development and commercialisation of the sector.  

"Interest from potential participants is intense and more than 30 national startups have been selected for participation this year. They will have an opportunity to present themselves and their enterprise to major national and international companies and investors", says Elén Faxö, project manager at RISE.  

Products, technology and services 

The startups are early phase companies with both products, technologies and services in the area of foodstuffs. But interest is not confined to startups. Many food industry players have realised the value of having contact with early stage companies.  

"One of the fundamental aims of Food Venture Sweden is to highlight the potential of startups in the food industry. Many actors in the industry see the great potential of external innovation and appreciate that we gather the most exciting startups under one roof to initiate dialogue. The range of possible collaborations is great. These cooperative endeavours may involve raw materials, logistics, technologies or acquisitions. It can also mean that a startup gains its first customer. We expect to book over one hundred one-on-one meetings between startups, industry players and investors. These meetings can lay the foundation for important future collaborations", says Elén Faxö. 

Färsking found its first investor 

Someone who knows what it’s like to meet the right financier at a Food Venture Sweden event is Amanda Larsson, founder of Färsking. Färsking participated in Food Venture Sweden 2017 and was then an early JA (Junior Achievment) company producing healthy breakfast products and snacks for a younger consumer group. Today, its products are sold in retail outlets throughout Sweden. 

"Food Venture Sweden was a good meeting place for us, where we got to meet others in the same situation and share experiences. At the same time, we got to meet industry-experienced people who gave us good input. We also found our first investor. It was a lot of fun to participate", says Amanda Larsson. 

Personal encounters key for ConsumIQ 

ConsumIQ participated at Food Venture Sweden 2018. The company is the developer behind, a digital assistant for everyone who wants to save time & simplify everyday planning and shopping for groceries. ConsumIQ won the pitch competition at Food Venture Sweden 2018, which led to a collaboration with IBM during 2018. But it is not that alone that Morgan Skara, CEO of ConsumIQ, highlights as a positive of participation: 

"Personal meetings are what stand out, both with people from the food industry and with investors. There was a great atmosphere at the event when we were there, as if we were sitting on the same side of the desk as investors", says Morgan Skara. 

Morgan Skara alsos offers good advice to other companies that are considering participating in Food Venture Sweden: 

"I see participation as self-evidently a good thing. You only invest your own time, and have the chance to gain great benefits from that investment. But you need to be prepared, know why you are there and what the goal of participation is".

Sustainable growth 

Creating sustainable growth in the food industry is key to Food Venture Sweden. The sector and the will to invest are driven to a large extent by sustainability and the spectrum is broad. It can include new sources of protein, healthy snacks, climate impact reduction services, services that minimise food waste or digital local marketplaces. 

"We believe that we will build the food industry of the future together and are extremely pleased that Food Venture Sweden makes a difference and is involved in driving the ambition of sustainable growth going forward", concludes Elén Faxö. 

Published: 2019-05-16