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Digitalisation reduced stress among staff

Kickstart Digitalisering arranges courses to enable more companies to increase the pace of digitalisation. Scandymet participated in the course to kickstart its own digitalisation, with a resulting increase in efficiency and decrease in stress.

Kickstart Digitalisering is a national initiative in which small and medium-sized Swedish businesses attend workshops to inspire them to begin their own digitalisation journey. Scandymet, a manufacturer of electronic immersion heaters and heat exchangers, attended the course as part of an investment in digitalisation aimed at increasing efficiency – something the company is well on its way to achieving.

“In the first stage of the course we mapped our processes, revealing that our chain from tender to delivered product was far from efficient. As a result, we installed a digital system. It is often time-consuming to discuss and send drawings back and forth to the customer, but the new system streamlined this process. As a comparison, think how easy it is to digitally build a customised kitchen from the various options and available colours directly on one’s own computer. It now works in a similar manner for our customers when they order a heat exchanger,” explains Thomas Eriksson, CEO of Scandymet.  

Digitalisation is a long-term process

Working with digitalisation is a long-term process but, even if Scandymet hasn’t quite crossed the finish line, they have come a long way towards their ultimate goal. According to Thomas Eriksson, one of the benefits of introducing digital systems has been a reduction in stress among employees.

“Inefficient processes often breed frustration which can lead to stress among staff. In the long-run, we reduce human suffering by reducing the pressure of time and relieving stress. Through digitalisation, we have freed up one member of staff from routine tasks who can instead work on things that create added value.”

Advice for other companies

Thomas Eriksson has some advice for other companies who may be interested in digitalisation but have yet to take the plunge.

“Check whether Kickstart Digitalisering or Kickstart Go are available in your area and, if so, attend them! That’s the best advice I can offer. You should also make sure you thoroughly map your processes; your company will then have an excellent overview of where you can increase efficiency.”

Kickstart Digitalisering

Kickstart Digitalisering is a national initiative implemented by a number of stakeholders, including RISE. The objective is to strengthen digitalisation and increase the competitiveness of Swedish industry. The initiative involves the company in question attending a course with three physical meetings. It is intended that between these meetings the company will work independently and give due consideration to how they can work with digitalisation within their own organization.

Published: 2018-09-24
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