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App eliminates duplicated work when controlling measurement instruments

There are statutory requirements regarding the inspection of supermarket checkout scales and petrol pumps. An entirely new application allows these inspections the be carried out more conveniently, more accurately and in a more environmentally friendly manner. 

The measurement instruments used in industry and retail are checked on a regular basis, so that the reading on the meter at the pumps displays the same volume as the petrol you actually put into your tank or the scales in the supermarket show the correct weight of vegetables or pick’n’mix. Shops use a range of measurement instruments that are subject to statutory regulation so that you, the customer, can trust that you are paying the correct amount. RISE has long been involved in carrying out these types of inspections; however, this work was previously carried out more traditionally using manual administration.

“Previously, inspectors have registered all information and measurement data using pen and paper and then registered it manually in the database once they return to the office after the inspection. This meant twice the work and cost a great deal of time,” explains Eddie Hasth, head of unit in the calibration and verification department at RISE.

Less paperwork means less paper used

Given that RISE conducts in the region of 30,000 inspections annually, it is not difficult to imagine the amount of paperwork and documentation generated and the number of staff required to register all data twice. As part of ongoing digitalisation work, as well as in the interests of efficiency and reducing environmental impact, RISE has developed an app that saves all data, from registering shops, scales or pumps to storing test methods and raw data obtained from test measurements. 

“Quality is improved as employees can conduct their work on site and, because all data only needs to be registered once, there is less risk of human error,” explains Eddie Hasth.

Another major advantage is that less paper is used, something that offers long-term environmental gains as well as saving time for employees.

“When inspectors arrive at a store, they open the app immediately and are presented with all information on the measurement instrument they will be checking, including previous measurement data, as well as a template for invoicing once the job is complete. It is also possible to search for other stores in the vicinity in order to work more effectively and minimise travelling,” says Eddie Hasth.

Customer satisfaction at 95%

Mats Olsson, deputy head of unit at RISE, is one of the technical developers behind the app. 

“JustApp has been developed from scratch and we are the first to be able to offer this type of service,” says Mats Olsson, who goes on to explain that RISE has worked on all aspects from developing the app itself to training users throughout Sweden. So far, the response has been overwhelmingly positive, not only from RISE inspectors, whose work has been made that much easier but also from clients, the stores themselves, who also express their satisfaction.

“Clients are able to see their inspection results immediately via our customer portal, whereas previously they were forced to wait for several days while the data was compiled. Results obtained from our first market survey show that 95% of customers are satisfied,” says Mats Olsson.

Only scratching the surface of the app’s potential

JustApp is a dynamic application and the idea is that it can be easily used in other areas, and be modified for other activities within RISE, with a great deal of interest already shown.

“We have had inquiries from other RISE departments, including those working on machine inspections. They should be able to adapt the app and expand it for other types of testing to suit the needs of their own organisation,” says Mats Olsson, who concludes:

“Although we were the first to utilise the app, that certainly doesn’t mean an end to it. We hope and believe that we will be able to disseminate it so that others have the opportunity to use the app.”

Published: 2018-10-29