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A state-owned institute with a mission to improve the world

Pia Sandvik, CEO, is happy to be a part of an organisation with an exciting mission. And she is clear about what it takes for RISE to stay on top.  "It is absolutely crucial for us to have the right competency, that also want to be a part of strengthening the competitiveness of Sweden," she says.

Disruptive global change, like digitalisation, the transformation to biofuels and the electrification of vehicles are hot topics for RISE and partners. The goal is to contribute to a strong business sector and a sustainable society.

The Corona pandemic spreading all across the globe is an emergency situation that causes problems for society and businesses, and of course this also affect RISE. 

"Society and the business community need us now more than ever. We take responsibility for society, our customers, our operations and our employees by keeping our business going and identifying ways in which we can contribute during this time of crisis," says Pia Sandvik. 

For example, RISE offer extra support to small and medium sized businesses, support for home-schooling and the possibility to perform product testing on a distance. Also, we have implemented a process, together with the Swedish work environment authority, to speed up safety tests of protective equipment for the healthcare sector. 

We want to develop

RISE continuously work with developing its leadership on all levels to meet the next generation of employees, and we regularly measure how the organisation is doing.  

"We believe it is highly important and we perform surveys among our employees, every quarter. If specific issues arise in between those instances, we can easily get input through our app," she says.   

Pia Sandvik describes the app as an effective tool to measure how well things work in the organisation – what needs improvement.  

"To participate in developing sustainability for citizens is an incredible responsibility and an exciting mission. To solve global issues, we are faced with industrial challenges – and that is when we not only need engineers but also social scientists." 

Trends that affects us

It is a change that means RISE will need a wider range of competency than before. All in line with the ongoing organisational shift within RISE – that is, going from working with separated projects to being more of a research and innovation partner, from idea to implementation. 

"Our vision is to be an innovation partner and that type of service is going up in demand. Our customers want us as a partner along the entire journey so that innovation can become like a spine," says Pia Sandvik.

Published: 2020-04-03