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Quality assurance

Legislation often places demands on products, equipment, machinery, management systems and/or skills. As a customer, you may also want to feel comfortable with what you buy. Confidence in products and services increases with quality assurance in the form of certification, calibration and inspection. RISE is the national leader in several of these competence areas.


RISE offers services to provide companies with market access. This is done through verification and certification of management systems, machines, staff, products and production lines.

We collaborate with many sectors based on international standards, national regulations and industry criteria. RISE also has its own certification label, the P Mark.

We also provide technical assistance to customers who are CE-labelling and declaring their product performance.

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Pia Östgaard

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+46 10 516 64 07

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Management System Certification 

A coherent management system creates structure, continuity and systematisation, helping your organisation to remain at the forefront. Continuous, long-term work in your most important fields – such as environment, data security and sustainability – is a prerequisite for increasing your competitiveness. An efficient management system is also an important cornerstone for doing better business. RISE’s audits concentrate on your critical processes and significant aspects. Our audits are characterised by innovative thinking and a constructive, open dialogue that offers you new perspectives, contributes to the development of your organisation and increases customer confidence.

Our services

Calibration and inspection

We offer technical measurement services to trade and industry. This involves the calibration and routine inspection of various measurement instruments. We also provide a range of inspection services.

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