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Opportunities and challenges with virtual fencing technology for grazing animals

The interest in virtual fencing is growing in Swedish as a flexible innovative solution for grazing animals. The technique is used in Norway for cattle, sheep and goats but is not legal in Sweden. Attend this digital event to learn more about the technology and discuss its future in Sweden.

Together with Gröna Möten, RISE invites you to a digital day about virtual fences. Learn about its uses, pros and cons of the technology. During the day, researchers from Norway, representatives from Naturbeteskött Sverige, Länsstyrelsen Västra Götaland and the Swedish Board of Agriculture talk about the technology from many different perspectives. In connection with these presentations, you have the opportunity to ask your questions. The event ends in a workshop part where we summarize the participants' reflections on virtual fencing technology. Welcome with your registration!

Patricipation is free of charge. Last day to register is March 15.




Organisers and background

This is a joint arrangement between Gröna Möten and RISE and is carried out within the framework of rise project "Virtual fencing for easier and more flexible grazing systems" funded by the SLO Fund.

Information about the event

Date: March 17, 2021

Time: 09:00-13:30

Place: Teams meeting (digital)

Price: Free of charge

More information and registration

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