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Nordic Food Industry Innovation Days

The Nordic Food Industry Innovation Days, a two-day meeting 5-6 november, in Gothenburg, will be a preview of The Nordic Food Industry Fair 2020* where the food industry will discuss the most relevant future topics and objectives for The Nordic Food Industry Fair 2020. Moreover, it is also aiming to outline the guidelines for the goals and vision of the food strategy in 2030.

During these Nordic Food Industry Innovation Days at Svenska Mässan and at RISE in Gothenburg, there will be seminars that will highlight concrete cases and discuss possibilities regarding testbeds. Moreover, there will also be a focus on new technologies that strengthen the food industry of the Nordic countries. The seminars will be held both in English and Swedish.

Partners that are cooperating in the program include RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, Sweden Food Arena, food companies, the Swedish Food Administration, the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth, Vinnova.

View the full programme at the nordic food industry website

Welcome to participate!

You can register to both of the days or choose just one of the days. The 5th November will be held at Svenska Mässan and the 6th November will be held at RISE. Participation is free of charge, with the option to add food to a self-cost price. Day 1: SEK 595 (2x coffee, 1x lunch and a mingle with drinks and snacks). Day 2: SEK 200 (1x coffee, 1x lunch). Both days: SEK 795. 

Register to both days

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Information about the event

Date: November 5-6

Place: Day 1: Mässans Gata/Korsvägen, Gothenburg. / Day 2: Frans Perssons väg 6, Gothenburg.

Price: Free of charge. Food to self-cost price is optional.

Contact person

Catharina Wickström


+46 10 516 66 53

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