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LIGHTer Product Optimization Workshop

Workshop - future solutions to current product optimization challenges

Product optimization is a powerful tool in accelerating the development of Swedish lightweight technology, which in turn is key to producing energy-efficient, circular products with a minimum impact on our environment. However, optimization-driven product development has its challenges. These challenges will be addressed during this workshop .

How do we reduce product weight while shortening product development times? That is one of the core focuses of LIGHTer's industrially driven, cross-industry network "LIGHTer Product Optimization", now inviting you to a workshop on Topology Optimization - an important method in product optimization.

Topology optimization has long been used as one of the tools within the field of product optimization. However, the method is not as widespread as it could be due to a few challenges. How are topology optimization results properly transferred to a solid CAD geometry? How well does the academic curricluae meet the needs of the industry? How do we reduce the gap between academia and industry?

Join us on this lunch-to-lunch, technical workshop as we bring together topology optimization professionals to find answers to these challenges. We welcome users of topology optimization, software providers and academia for a forward-looking and broad dialogue.

We gather at RISE, Mölndal, for a joint lunch followed by the first workshop, before we summarize and re-unite again for a social dinner at the Orangery, Åby Arena. Day 2 gets off to a flying start with another workshop ending with a panel debate followed by a common lunch before we part.

We look forward to seeing you!

Workshop - Product Optimization with focus on topology optimization
29 Nov 2022 - 30 Nov 2022
Argongatan 30 , Mölndal, Sverige
14 November 2022

Free of Charge

Limited to 30 participants
Harald Hasselblad

Harald Hasselblad

Senior Analysis Engineer, Volvo Cars Corporation

Harald has over 20 years of experience from research on structural optimization. Runs LIGHTer Product Optimization network together with Mikael Thellner.

Mikael Thellner

Mikael Thellner

Technical Manager, Scania CV

Mikael is responsible for the development and use of structural optimization at Scania R&D. Co-organizer of LIGHTer Product Optimization network together with Harald Hasselblad.


Agenda Day 1

  • 1:45 Meeting & Registration at the reception desk at RISE

    12:00 Lunch at Kock & Rock 

    13:00 Workshop day 1 starts
    Room: Vinga

  • Status in the Swedish industry - good examples and limitations with topology optimization
  • Software suppliers - how does the chain from topolgy optimization result to complete design look?
  • Coffee break
  • Research in the area of topology optimization and postprocessing
  • Panel discussion and summary
  • 19:00 Dinner at the orangery, Åby Arena (view map)

Agenda Day 2

08:30 Workshop day 2 starts
Room: Vinga

  • Status in the Swedish industry - how do we use simulation and optimization? Which new competences and co-workers do we need?
  • Coffee break
  • Education on the subject product optimization at the Universeties
  • Panel discussion and gap analysis

12:00 Lunch and end of seminar

Katinka Ernstsson

Contact person

Katinka Ernstsson


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