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Mikael Nygårds


Tel +46 10 228 45 43


Office Kista

Department Packaging and Papermaking Science

ORCID 0000-0002-9689-5966

Research Director for Packaging Science at department Papermaking and Packaging. We develop the packaging area. In my section we have senior researchers that works in the areas Paper Mechanics, Printing, Human-Product interaction and Barriers.

We have lab and pilot equipment in Stockholm, where we can test packages and packaging materils, mainly made of paper-based materials. The labs are both in Stockholm city at KTH campus and in Kista.

I have a background in Solid Mechanics where I have a PhD. I have also been an Associated Professor in Paper Mechanics at KTH.

Technical areas that I have worked with include: Papers physics, paper mechanics, convertering, finita element simulations (FEM), mechanical properteis of paper products, stretchable papers, Eucalyptus fibers in paper, paperboard production, design of paperboard qualities, cracks in paperboard and corrugates board etc.

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