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Martin Andersson

Filosofie Dr

Tel +46 10 516 60 25


Location Stockholm

Unit Kosmetik och hygien (101502)

Martin is a creative chemist with an interest for formulation, innovation, problem solving and business development.
Martin is an inorganic chemist by training, with a PhD in materials chemistry and catalysis from Stockholm University, but has since 2001 worked with applied surface chemistry in many forms - from car wash detergents, renewable fuels and foams in microgravity to courses for industry and substitution of solvents with the help of Hansen Soubility Parameters (HSP)...and minimization of hair-loss from raindeer furs (!). Martin has also developed a new concept with potential for prediction of eye-irritation without using animal models. The concept is currently being evaluated, and refined, with support from the foundation Forska utan Djurförsök.