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Lars Olsson


Tel +46 10 516 50 23


Location Borås/Kalmar

Unit Innemiljö och byggnadsfysik (104407)

ORCID 0000-0003-4211-4885

Lars Olsson is a researcher. For many years (nearly 20 years), he has worked with moisture calculations, moisture damage investigations and tests - both at field and in laboratory - of constructions, mainly with respect to indoor environment, moisture, rain and air tightness. Since 2008 he has conducted research, on moisture in wood constructions and research on driving rain tightness and phenomenology of leakages in defects of facades, and he did his licentiate thesis 2014 and doctoral thesis 2018, at Chalmers University of Technology. For the moment, Lars is a project manager for certification rules of external walls, roofs och floors and for two research projects about moisture safety of CLT buildings during construction without weather protection.