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Johanna Andersson


Tel +46 70 319 67 37


Location Göteborg

Unit Produktdesign (101204)

ORCID 0000-0001-8538-3060

Johanna is a Researcher at RISE with a focus on mechanical properties of food and soft materials, whether it is about developing the right consistency of a food product for elderly to swallow or about creating a desired structure of a snack product of parsnip. Her research interests include linking mechanical properties to the product's microstructure, aroma release or sensory properties.
She has a Master's and Batchelore degree in food technology from Berlin and defended her dissertation at Chalmers in 2018 on how liquids move in porous soft materials, ie capillary flow of a liquid such as coffee in a biscuit or water in a sand castle. She is also a trained pastry chef from Munich in Germany and has a hobby of making chocolate truffles and pralines.

See her list of publications by clicking on the ORCID link above.