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Keynote Speakers ISTSS

Each day is opened by invited Keynote Speakers, leaders in their field, providing an overview of their topic of expertise as an introduction to the themes of the day. 

ISTSS 2020 had the following Keynote Speakers:

Anne Lehan

Anne Lehan, Federal Highway Research Institute, Germany

Anne Lehan is a research associate at the German Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt) in the section Tunnel and Foundation Engineering, Tunnel Operation and Civil Security since 2010. She is involved in and supervises numerous projects on specific issues of tunnel operation and tunnel safety. This includes innovative technologies for event detection and incident management as well as safety considerations, influences on human behaviour (self-rescue), Building Information Modelling and Life Cycle Cost Considerations. She is currently working on the topic of life cycle cost analysis of tunnel equipment and its influence on maintenance planning.

Roland Leuckner

Dr.-Ing. Roland Leucker, Managing Director of the Research Association for Tunnels and Transportation Facilities (STUVA), Cologne, and Managing Director of the German Tunnelling Committee (DAUB), Cologne, (Germany)

Dr.-Ing. Roland Leucker  received in 1995 a Dr.-Ing. (Phd.) in Civil Engineering, from 1995-2006 he worked with one of the biggest German construction company at that time; at last as a Design Manager and Coordinator for several structural civil engineering and especially tunnelling projects, 2006 he joined STUVA and is since 2008 the Managing Director. He is experienced in conducting model tests, design and calculation of civil engineering structures, tunnelling (conventional and mechanical excavation), contract management, planning, ground freezing, sealing, fire safety, and operational upgrading of tunnels. Especially safety and security during tunnel operation is a focus of his present works. He is the Managing Director of the German Tunnelling Committee. He is a member of the Steering Board and Past Chairman of ITA-COSUF. Roland  is since 2012 an Adjunct Professor at Ruhr University Bochum.

Runde Brandt

Dr. Rune Brandt, CEO and technical director, HBI Haerter

Dr Rune Brandt has a Ph.D. in fluid mechanics from University of Cambridge. He is the CEO of all HBI companies, and Senior Project Director, responsible for road tunnel division. Rune has expertise in tunnel ventilation design, commissioning and site supervision; safety concepts and risk analysis; air-quality assessment and modelling; measurements and CFD simulations. He also has experience form international project management. Rune has more than 20 years of experience within the field and has been involved in more than 100 tunnels and underground facilities world-wide. He is a ministerial expert and assessor for tunnel safety. Rune is also a court expert, e.g. for arbitrations. He serves on several scientific committees e.g. ISTSS and as journal editor.

Trond Hansen

Trond H. Hansen, Incident commander / Tunnel rescue operations advisor, Oslo Fire and Rescue Service, Norway

Mr Hansen joined Oslo Fire and Rescue Service in 1984. Serving as a professional fire fighter in the Norwegian capital for over 35 years, he’s experienced numerous fire and rescue operations. Most of the service has been with the department’s specialized hazmat-unit, as an operator, lieutenant, and captain. As chief of a battalion with 80 fire fighters he is also incident commander for all fire and rescue units in Oslo. Mr Hansen has been the main Tunnel rescue operations adviser in Oslo Fire and Rescue Service since 2010, and member of EFSTG (European Fire Services Tunnel Group) since 2011. As a Tunnel rescue operations advisor, Mr Hansen has counselled on safety assessments, fire and hazard prevention, and contingency planning. In addition to creating and implementing national guidelines and standard operating procedures for rescue operations in tunnels, Mr Hansen is teaching tunnel safety both at home and abroad.

Mia Kumm

Mia Kumm, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden

Mia is since 2015 employed by RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, where she works with fire research and security. Her research field is mainly fire and rescue operations in tunnels. Mia was from 2004 responsible for the undergraduate and graduate courses in fire technology at Mälardalen University and has also after joining RISE all the way through 2019 given lectures in fire dynamics and building fire safety at the university. She also has previous experience as a fire consultant and from further education of fire and rescue personnel at the former SRSA School at Rosersberg. Mia was one of the initiators of KCBU – the Swedish Center of Excellence for Fire Safety in Underground Constructions, is involved in TUSC – the Tunnel and Underground Safety Center and was one of the initiators to carry through the METRO project.