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ICE datacenter Cloud and IT

Make sure that your solution for IoT aligns with your business plan for growth, finding out how your application scales with more devices or more data. We offer a flexible and cost-efficient way of testing of scaling or optimizing the infrastructure support for your cloud-based business. Change your setup by a few clicks or a phone call. No minimum contract terms. Legal expertise at hand to ensure full compliance to all relevant legislature.

Grow your software in our datacenter, safely contained in dedicated servers in Luleå. Use our expertise as your sounding board, focus group or test panel – added value for your SW development business.

Example projects are

  • Scaling of cloud-based applications
  • Datacenter virtualization
  • Bare-metal implementations
  • Self operated compute clusters
  • Data collection and storage

The platforms, tools and methods we provide are

  • Open stack VM, bare metal, storage
  • Microsoft Azure
  • VMware

Other solutions are available upon request.


400 servers in 20 racks in 2 modules
Total 4000 cores, 40TB RAM, Up to 10PB storage
480 Open Compute Windmill servers in third module

High-end Dell PowerEdge R730xd
Low-end Dell PowerEdge R530 & R430
10/40 Gb/s network

Nvidia 1080 (Ti) GPUs
Infiniband GPU networking
Separate management network