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ICE Data center edge and 5G

Develop innovative applications in Europe's first testbed for 5G and edge 

ICE Data center has created a testbed enabling open, secure and vendor-neutral edge computing in a 5G net. Here you will find a test environment equipped with the tools necessary to accelerate the Swedish innovation rate. In combination with edge the lower latency of the 5G network can be utilized to gain advantages, such as powerful data processing close to the user, applications with lower latency, data sovereignty and an increased use of local AI.

The testbed offers: 

Computing capacity to offload equipment or lower latency between the cloud and equipment. 

Tools to develop a distributed application using edge computing.

The possibility to test and experiment in a real 5G environment. 

We welcome developer who want to try new innovative concepts in a real set up. On site there is a distribution platform, devkits tools, a simulator for application development, access to computing, as well as storage capacity in both edge nodes and a cloud datacenter. There is also a team of leading experts available to help you succeed. 

Examples of low latency applications suitable for edge and 5G:

  • AI inference
  • Control and automation
  • AR/VR-rendering
  • Detection
  • Gaming
  • Internet of Things
  • Content caching