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Food days

Welcome to the food days (Livsmedelsdagarna), which will bring about a dialogue about solutions for food production. The days will contain discussions on research, innovation, sustainability and collaborations. 

In a time of climate anxiety, politicians declaring climate crisis and future for friday climate strikes, it is important to talk about the solutions. Global food production has a great impact on climate and if we can steer that in the right direction we can help saving the planet.

The food industry has an important role in delivering sustainable and healthy food for a growing population. At the food days (Livsmedelsdagarna) RISE experts participates in the programme and can also be met at the RISE exhibition booth. Meet us and be inspired by what you and your organisation could contribute with in order to find solutions in the right direction. 

The food days are arranged by Livsmedelsföreningen, September 11-13 september in Tylösand, Sweden.


Information about the event

Date: September 11-13

Place: Hotel Tylösand, Halmstad, Sweden

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