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Faster track for approval of personal protective equipment

Testing of personal protective equipment for healthcare services during the corona pandemic (covid-19). 

To enable faster access to personal protective equipment, for care services, healthcare and police, a fast-track process has been set up by the Swedish Work Environment Authority, on behalf of the Swedish Government. The fast-track process involves quicker product assessment, permitting manufacturers or importers to get their approved products to the healthcare services in a quicker way, without compromising with safety or quality. 

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General advice concerning protective equipment:

This is how the fast-track process works

The fast-track process for approval of protective equipment is made up by six steps, from contacting RISE to the point where your product is ready for use in care services, healthcare services or the police force.

  1. Contact RISE via the form above. 
  2. RISE will reply with a quote for the requested work and a preliminary date for when the work can start.
  3. Send your product and product information to RISE for a quality control. To speed up the handling of your case, ensure that the requirements for the product information are met. The requirements can be found below under the heading "Information for manufacturers of personal protective equipment".
  4. RISE makes an evaluation which becomes the basis for the manufacturer's / importer's permit application to the Swedish Work Environment Authority.
  5. Send the evaluation documentation and a permit application to the Swedish Work Environment Authority for approval.
  6. After approval, the product can be used by care services, healthcare services or the police force, after risk assessment for each application area.

Process for tests of personal safety equipment during the corona pandemic

Frequently asked questions about the fast track for approval of protective equipment


Information for manufacturers of personal protective equipment intended for use during the Covid-19 pandemic and subject to a simplified assessment process


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