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Invitation: New member program on corrosion in biorefinery production

RISE and its subsidiary Institut de la Corrosion will start a new member program on corrosion research (MRC) in order to develop and provide suitable testing for corrosion evaluation of materials used in biorefinery production. Based on scientific research, as well as collaboration among researchers, scientists, material manufacturers and biorefinery plant operators, the new MRC will help its members with important corrosion challenges. Welcome to this webinar to learn more.


To introduce new advanced biorefinery processes on a large commercial scale and to benefit from their full potential are the way forward for the biorefinery sector. This requires significant extent of effort and knowledge not only related to the processes, but also to material selection to avoid corrosion of components used in the challenging environments.


Our goal is to facilitate successful plant design regarding the materials used through the establishment of a strong and long-term collaboration among key players in biorefinery production, including plant operators and designers, material producers, and experts on materials and corrosion.

About the webinar

From the programme of the webinar:

  • Introduction to the new member program in biorefinerywhich is a platform for networking and collaboration among key players
  • Experiences from the field, and on corrosion resistant alloys for severe service conditions, by industry participants; Outokumpu, Sandvik Materials Technology and Total
  • Preliminary experimental results of certain corrosion resistant alloys exposed to high temperature and pressure under acidic environment done by a group of experienced material and corrosion researchers from RISE in Sweden and France
  • Introduction to the ongoing and substantial RISE investment in a new centre for bioeconomy development test beds
  • Next important steps - discussion among all participants


Date: May 20

Time: 9-12 am

Place: Online

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Agenda for the day

09:00 Welcome of participants

09:10 Introduction to RISE Research Institutes of Sweden and its subsidiaries, RISE, Processum and Institut de la Corrosion

09:20 Corrosion resistant alloys and the challenges to mitigate corrosion in biorefinery processes, Outokumpu and Sandvik Materials Technology

09:40 Material and Corrosion issues in vegetable oils co-processing, TOTAL

10:00 A new centre for bioeconomy development test beds, Processum

10:20 Short break (10 min)

10:30 Introduction to RISE member programs on corrosion research (MRC) and to the new MRC on Corrosion in Biorefinery Production, RISE

10:50 Corrosion of alloys tested under simulated advanced biorefinery process conditions, RISE and Institut de la Corrosion

11:10 Opportunity to participate in the new MRC on Corrosion in Biorefinery Production. Discussion on its potential research directions. Questions. All participants

11:55 Summary of the day and next step, RISE

Download invitation and agenda as PDF

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