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Smart proactive maintenance industry course

Smart och Proactive maintenance

Are you ready to take the next step?

Do you want to predict downtime and streamline your processes?

Do you want to avoid unnecessary costs and purchases?

Want to learn more about the possibilities of digitalization?

Then this is the course for you.

Today's technology advances, access to cheap sensors and cloud services have made it possible to implement new smart technology. The technology available today gives you automatic access to the data you previously had to spend time collecting and calculating. It tells you in advance when the next stop will take place or when it is time to perform maintenance. To take the next step it requires a holistic approach where you need to collect different types of data, be able to identify critical downtime and logically calculate which solution is most profitable.


We will cover what smart maintenance means, what digitalisation is and show business examples of technology steps. The course highlights the following questions:

• What data is needed? Where does it come from, how is it collected and where is it stored?

• What investments can I make? Is the investment effective and will it increase my OEE?

• What new working methods are required? Are new business or service models possible?


The answers to these questions are based on what you as a company want to achieve and where you are today.


The course is arranged as a two-day program with about two weeks in between. A home assignment is given between the days. After completing the course, the participants receive a diploma.

Target audience

Industrial companies, especially SMEs


The course is led by Peter Bökmark, Roger Lundin and Molly Rogstadius from RISE, and Peter Bryntesson from FKG.


Other lecturers:

"What is smart maintenance?" Anders Skoogh, Chalmers

"The connected maintenance work at Volvo Cars" Martin Johansson, Volvo Cars

"How AI makes maintenance more economically and environmentally smart" Annelie Carlson, LiU

"What should you measure to get the best effect from Smart Maintenance?" Camilla Lundgren, Chalmers

"Data-driven decisions with Lean Turbo" Lina Alte, Good Solutions

"Reconstruction as a maintenance method for strengthened sustainability", Johan Dahlström, RISE


Day 1, Tuesday, March 17, 09.30-15.30

- An introduction to the latest in smart maintenance, concrete business cases and circular economy. Home assignment presented.


Day 2, Monday, April 6, 09.30-15.30

- A deep dive into the basics of smart and proactive maintenance, additional cases with AI application and group work. Presentation of home assignment and presentation on research collaboration.

Other info

You register via FKG's website no later than March 12 via the link to the right.

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Mölndals stad


Argongatan 30
431 53 Mölndal

Food and lodging

Lunch and fika are included

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Payment details

Thanks to the support from Vinnova, this round of the course is free of charge (in the future approx. SEK 15,000)


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