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Smart and proactive maintenance

Do you want to predict downtime and streamline your processes? Do you want to avoid unnecessary costs and purchases? Want to learn more about the possibilities of digitalization? Then this is the course for you!

The course Smart and proactive maintenance is aimed at those who want to take the next technology step. To understand your production flow, you already have access to data and make daily predictions about future stops. But it's not enough. To stay at the forefront, something more is needed.

Today's technology advances, access to cheap sensors and cloud services have made it possible to implement new smart technology. The technology available today gives you automatic access to the data you previously had to spend on time to calculate and calculate and can tell you in advance when the next stop will take place or when it is time to perform maintenance. To take the next step requires a holistic approach where you need to collect different types of data, be able to identify critical downtime and logically calculate which solution is most profitable.

In this course, we support you and your company to take the next step by showing what the next step means. In this course:

  • Smart maintenance through stable processes and automatic calculation of production data
  • Analysis of data and use of technology

Goal and purpose

The goal is for the participant to:

  • understands what smart maintenance and digitalisation means
  • get with them tools that can be used in their own organization to

The aim of the course is to increase the competitiveness of SMEs.

Target audience

Production technicians, maintenance technicians, maintenance manager / manager, group manager etc




Anders Skoogh och Torbjörn Ylipää, Chalmers 
Sandra Mattsson och Roger Lundin, RISE, m. fl.


We will go over what smart maintenance means, what digitalization is and show business examples of technology life. The course highlights the following questions:

  • What data is needed? Where does it come from, how is it collected and where is it stored?
  • What investments can I make? Is the investment effective and will it increase my OEE?
  • What new working methods are required? Need new business service models?
  • The answers to these questions are based on what you as a company want to achieve and where you are today.

The course is arranged as two course sessions with about three weeks in between. A home assignment is given between the hits. After completing the course, the participants receive a diploma.

Other info

Two day course. If given online it may be divided into several course days. 

Voices from previous participants

“We have today included the course as part of our internal Roadmap to move towards more predictive maintenance. We have a number of initiatives underway within the company today but to take us to the next level, we thought that the course was appropriate to refer to this course for those within the company who need to understand what new opportunities are offered in the future maintenance business. We have today made an official decision that we will continue to work strategically towards a "smart maintenance". Now we "just" need to review if we need to change our organization for this as well, which is why I have recommended our management team within the Maintenance Department to take this opportunity to take this course. " Magnus Östholm, Technology Developer at Volvo Cars

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