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Practical Vehicle Fire Safety

Now you and your company can participate in our course on practical vehicle fire safety. RISE in Borås arranges this course based on registered interest. The education takes 1 day to complete and is held in either Swedish or English. The course is based on two parts, which could also be offered separately if requested.

Part 1. Vehicle Fire Safety

Completion of this course will give students awareness and appreciation of a broad spectrum of fire safety aspects related to vehicles. Participants will be learning about the following topics:

  • Fuels and their behavior
  • Vehicle types and their construction, e.g. conventional, hybrid, gaseous, electric
  • Identifying vehicles and critical components
  • Hazards and hazard areas, common fire origins, typical fire causes and their effect.
  • Lithium-ion batteries, challenges and key safety principles
  • High voltage systems and electrical risks
  • Recovering from vehicle fires, mitigation, safe handling of vehicles that pose a fire hazard

Part 2. To Identify, Asses, and Mitigate Fire Risks in Vehicles

Risk management plays a crucial role in controlling the risk for vehicles catching fire. This course mostly considers qualitative risk management and focusses on physical inspections and appropriate routines for your organization. In this course, attendees will learn about the following:

  • Vehicle fire hazards: hazard zones and typical fire causes
  • Basic vehicle technology and information on vehicle components that are or can become a fire hazard
  • Risk identification, visual inspection, recommended tools, focusing on the most common fire risks in different vehicles.
  • Risk estimation and reduction, measuring identified risks, action plan
  • Practical examples and exercises in the classroom and on a vehicle
  • Documentation, SP Method 5289, templates

Goal and purpose

Part 1. Vehicle Fire Safety

At the end of this course, participants will:

  • Have a basic understanding of vehicles, fuel, fire causes and fire development
  • Understand the unique challenges for vehicles with respect to fire risks and potential fire scenarios
  • Motivate and identify the main risk areas in a vehicle
  • Understand what is needed to reduce the risk of (vehicle) fires
  • Discuss and describe, in general terms, what is required to reduce the risk for vehicle fires

Part 2. To Identify, Asses, and Mitigate Fire Risks in Vehicles

After participating in this course, attendees will be able to

  • Follow the practical process a risk assessment on a vehicle, identify, asses and reduce risks
  • Understand basic vehicle technology
  • Discuss and describe the risks associated with different types of vehicles
  • Formulate and propose mitigation actions to deal with identified and threatening vehicle fire risks
  • Undertake, record, report and review qualitative fire risk management procedures

Target audience

This is a fundamental course which is relevant for vehicle manufacturers, operators, insurers, system suppliers, maintenance and service providers as well as first responders.


Max Rosengren, RISE Safety

Roeland Bisschop, RISE Safety


Preliminary agenda:

09:00 Introduction

09:15 Vehicle Fire Safety

10:30 Coffee break

10:45 Continue with Vehicle Fire Safety

12:00 Lunch

13:00 Summary of Vehicle Fire Safety

13:30 To Identify, Asses, and Mitigate Fire Risks in Vehicles, exercise with vehicle

14:00 Coffee break

14:15 To Identify, Asses, and Mitigate Fire Risks in Vehicles, exercise with vehicle

15:00 To Identify, Asses, and Mitigate Fire Risks in Vehicles

16:00 Time for questions and discussion

16:30 Summary

Practical information


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4 500 SEK excluding VAT

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