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Optimization and preparation of cast components with practical evaluation

As a course participant you will learn about and take part of the entire process from casting specific calculation and preparation of a component, via moulding, to casting, mould removal and finally, analysis of 'your' component. A unique opportunity if you want to understand the parameters that affect the cast result!

RISE in Jönköping possess a vast knowledge within the area of cast components. Several of the experts at RISE have a background within the casting industry which makes them perfectly suited to purvey the best available knowledge to the industry.

This course is a development of some of the course modules that journeyman students at the Scandinavian Casting School (owned and run by RISE) have considered among the most rewarding.

The course contains a good blend of theoretical and practical elements. Theoretical elements can be delivered online, if called for by the customer. Other elements are taught at the ToD-foundry at RISE, Jönköping.

We look forward to welcoming you to exciting and rewarding days. Parts of the course can also be delivered online in a webinar format.

Goal and purpose

Participants of this course will through its' blend of theoretical and practical elements gain a deep insight into the entire casting process, from drawing board to cast component. Via casting specific calculations and preaparations you will go on to moulding and casting. After casting and cleaning of the part you will conduct an analysis of the result. All elements are supervised by RISE experts in the field of metal casting.

Target audience

The course is suitable for you if you are i.e. in technical sales, construction of cast components or an operator/technician at a more advanced level.


Lecturer: Sten Farre

Practical supervision: Jörgen Jernkrook, Andreas Lindbergh Pruth


Day 1 (can be online):
Basic calculation theory (casting specific) and introduction  to mould preparation

Day 2:
Mould preparation with practical examples

Day 3:

Day 4:
Casting - Mould ejection/Cleaning - Analysis

Voices from previous participants

"I've learned more during a two day course at RISE than during the first two years on the job!"

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RISE, Jönköping, Tullportsgatan 3

Parts of the course can be delivered online. Specific arrangement and dates will be decided in consultation with the client.

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Course, Training, Web based, Workshop


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FOR INFORMATION AND PRICE QUOTE, please contact Education manager Patrik Svanängen

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