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Liquid protein formulations - an introduction course

Proteins are increasingly used as therapeutic agents for a wide variety of diseases. Although excellent therapeutics, proteins are sensitive biomacromolecules and the stability is critical for successful use. Thus, the formulation of therapeutic proteins in solution is a key to develop successful products.

This 1-day online course provides a straightforward introduction to the principles of formulation of proteins in solution. The course will give an introduction to parenteral protein delivery, key issues regarding physical and chemical stability of proteins in solution, and key excipients used in formulation of protein solutions. The application of the principles of formulation will be discussed in two case studies.  

Goal and purpose

This course provides an introduction to the fundamental and practical aspects of formulations for proteins in solution.

The day is also the starting point for a 3 credit PhD  course in formulation of proteins. The PhD course comprises 2 days of lectures, participation in 3 journal club discussions and an experimental session in the laboratory of your home institution.

Target audience

The course is intended for industrialists, researchers and PhD students with an interest in proteins in solution with application to pharmaceutical science. The course is primarily a course for beginners in the field of protein formulation.


Prof Marie Wahlgren, Pharmaceutical Technology, Dept of Food science, technology and nutrition, Lund University. Marie is professor in pharmaceutical technology with a long experience both industrial and academic in the field of pharmaceutical formulations and surface colloid chemistry of proteins.

Adj. Prof Stefan Ulvenlund, Enza Biotech AB. Stefan is professor in formulation technology at Lund University, and CSO of Enza Biotech.

Dr Helen Sjögren, Principal scientist, Ferring Pharmaceuticals A/S. Helen has PhD in physical chemistry (LU). She has >15 years’ experience of parenteral drug formulations of proteins.


Time                       Topic

9:15-9:45              An introduction pharmaceutical proteins

9:50–10:20          Introduction to parenteral protein delivery

10:30-10:45         Quality demands on proteins drug products

10:50-11:20         Chemical pathways of protein degradation

11:30-12:00         Physical stability of proteins

12:00-13:00         Lunch

                                 Parenteral protein solutions:

13:00-13:20         Buffers and pH

 13:25-13:55        Surfactants

 14:05-14:35        Stabilisers, sugars, salts, amino acids etc.

 14:40-14.50        Antioxidants and chelating agents

 15.05-15:25        Preservatives

15:30-15:45         Novel formulation concepts

15:45-16:10         Case study: Insulin

16 :15-16:45        Case study: Gonadotropins

Other info

This course is organized by RISE Research Institutes of Sweden in  the framework of  NextBioForm - a competence centre for formulation and processing of biologics. 

Practical information


20 jan 2021, 09:15 - 16:45


online: Zoom 

Meeting link will be sent to registered participants



Type of event


Registration info


4 300 SEK excluding VAT

Payment details

PhD students: no fee

NextBioForm partner organisations: no fee

Other participants: 4 300 SEK

Final registration date

18 jan 2021

More information

The documentation of the course will be on a Canvas page containing slides from the presentations, in some cases recorded videos of the presentations as well as some literature and literature lists.

Booking terms

Cancellation up to 7 Days before the event 100% refund, cancellation 3 days before the event 50% refund. No refund if you cancel later than 3 days before the event. After informing the organizers a colleague can take your place if you cannot participate.


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