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Laser safety

<p>RISE offers a course in laser safety for companies. The course is meant for laser safety officers or other people working with or near lasers. The course takes place either at your company or at RISE in Borås.&nbsp;<br />
The course is given in Swedish.</p>

All establishments that works with lasers are mandated to follow the laws and regulations that apply to such activities. Companies are for example required to appoint a laser safety officer (AFS 2009:7). Our course in laser safety is suitable for people who are appointed laser safety officers as well as people who otherwise work with or near strong lasers. 

The course provides the participants with documented proficiency in the use of lasers in a safe and lawful manner. 

Target audience

Laser safety officers, operators, laser service personell, health and safety officers, work environment inspectors, work environment engineers and work supervisors.


None in perticular. 


Mikael Lindgren

Stefan Källberg


During the course the participants learn to interpret and understand the applicable laws and regulations. This includes among other things an understanding of laser classifications, the protective requirements that apply and how to choose the right type of protective equipment. The contents can also be tailor made to suit the relevance for how your company uses lasers. 

Lab assignments can also be included in the company specific course provided it takes place at RISE in Borås. 

During the lab assignments the participants learn how the various properties of a laser are measured. The assignments also give examples of various types of lasers such as sweeping lasers, fiber optic lasers, invisible laser radiation etc. in order to give examples of risks that can exist. 

Other info

RISE also hosts a course in collaboration with Teknologisk Institut for individual participants.
The course that is given together with Teknologisk Institut also conludes lab assignments.

For individual participants we refer you to Teknologisk Instituts webpage. 

The course is given in Swedish.

Practical information


The course is given either at your companys location or at RISE in Borås.


The course given together with Teknologisk Institut takes place at RISE in Borås. 


Teknologisk Instituts

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Payment details

Price for a company specific course is given based on a request for tender.

For individual participants we refer you to Teknologisk Instituts webpage. 

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