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Funktional Safety

Functional Safety for Road Vehicles – ISO 26262:2018 - Overview

The international standard ISO 26262:2018 is used for ensuring functional safety of electric/electronic (E/E) systems in safety-related functionality in road vehicles. The course will provide an overview of functional safety and the application of ISO 26262.

The goal of the course is to get an overview of the contents of the 12 parts of ISO 26262:2018, and an understanding of how to work with the standard and its reference lifecycle. This includes how to identify and estimate the need for risk reduction in the E/E systems,  how to achieve and assess risk reduction, and the implications on supplier/customer relations.

Target audience

The course is primarily suited for project leaders and engineers involved in the development of automotive E/E systems.


The participant should have some experience working with embedded E/E-systems.

Continuation courses

Many participants from your company?

Companies that want to register at least five participants can get a discount on the course fee. We can also hold the course only for your company where we jointly agree on the time and place. Contact the course coordinator for further information and for a quote.

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Course format

Digital - live,


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30 Nov 2021 - Online
30 Nov 2021
5000 SEK
  • Introduction to functional safety and standards
  • Risk, hazard analysis, safety goals
  • Safety requirements through the lifecycle
  • Safety mechanisms and redundancy
  • Management of functional safety
  • Distributed development - What is DIA and SEooC?
  • Product development lifecycle
  • Some related standards
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