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EN ISO 1182

EGOLF Reaction to Fire

There are many factors which may affect the results of a reaction-to-fire test. Due to the very labour intensive nature off fire testing, many of the factors are operator dependent. The training, experience and attitude of the operator are crucial to eliminate such variables that may significantly affect the degree of uncertainty of measurements

In order to reach common interpretations and minimize the operator generated uncertainties, EGOLF (European Group of Organisations for Fire testing, inspection and certification), is arranging harmonization courses in various EN standards related to reaction-to-fire. These test methods are included in the fire classification of construction products and building elements, EN 13501-1.

Target audience

The course is open for both EGOLF and non-EGOLF members   


Marina C Andersson

Susanne Blomqvist

Richard Johansson

Mathias Berglund


    The following test methods are included:

  • Non-combustibility, EN ISO 1182
  • Determination of gross heat of combustion (calorimetric value), EN ISO 1716
  • Building products, excluding floorings, exposed to thermal attack by a single burning item (SBI), EN 13823
  • Ignitability of construction products exposed to direct impingement of flame - Part 2, Testing with a single flame, EN ISO 11925-2
  • Determination of the burning behavior of flooring products using a radiant heat source, EN ISO 9239-1

Other info

The course is held in English

Programme 2020

Practical information


Borås stad


Conference Room Flamman, House 3, Entrance F at RISE Safety in Borås, Sweden

Food and lodging

  • Lunch and coffee + snacks is included in the delegate fee each day.
  • Dinner and social event Wednesday evening is included.

Information regarding recommended hotels and a map over the venue is available at the registration website.

Type of event



Course certificate

Registration info

Payment details

The course fees for Reaction to Fire Courses are stated as follow:

  • EN ISO 9239-1: EUR 745*
  • EN ISO 11925-2: EUR 745*
  • EN 13823: EUR 850*
  • EN ISO 1182: EUR 745*
  • EN ISO 1716: EUR 745*

Whole week (all methods): EUR 3 265*

*The prices do not include the EGOLF fee.

EGOLF fee/method:

  • Members: EUR 200
  • Non-members: EUR 500

The course fee + the EGOLF fee will be invoiced in advance of the course.

Booking terms

The number of participants is limited to 12 and a minimum of participants is 8. RISE reserves the right to cancel the course with short notice in the event of too few participants.

More information and registration

Processing of your personal data

Upcoming courses

Because of the current situation regarding Corona RISE has decided to postpone the EGOLF reaction to fire courses courses to 2021. New date will be announced soon.

Susanne Blomqvist


Susanne Blomqvist


+46 10 516 50 84

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Jenny Sikström


Jenny Sikström


+46 10 516 69 72

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