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Digitization - see opportunities in your company

Digitization is something everyone is talking about, but few know what it actually means. This course is designed for you to receive support in:

  • the benefits of digitization
  • where your company stands today
  • state the goal of digitalisation
  • the type of digitization that is best suited for you

Digitization means, among other things, to collect data and analyze it in a smart way. This can contribute to major savings and new revenue opportunities. In the course we show business examples and the benefits of connecting machines to the internet, saving data in cloud solutions and using artificial intelligence to predict production stoppages. The second course day includes a study visit with digitalization in focus

Goal and purpose

The aim of the course is for the participant to increase their understanding of digitalisation in practice. The purpose is to support companies so that digitalisation skills in the industry are increased.

Target audience

The course is aimed at those who lead the company's technological development (Construction, Production preparation / engineering, Maintenance, etc.).


Sandra Mattsson, RISE IVF

Peter Bökmark, RISE IVF m fl

Peter Bryntesson, Fordonskomponentsgruppen


This course inspires you to act smart and on time. An important part of this is that all employees are involved and that everyone knows the goal of digitization. The goal may be to reduce the number of downtime, reduce fuel consumption or reduce energy emissions.

By making smart investments and making them on time, you as a company can secure your sales. There are great opportunities with digitalisation but also challenges, not least in terms of security, which we highlight in this course.

Some of the challenges are getting operators with them when implementing new technical solutions, making investments and finding the right technology.

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Thanks to support from Vinnova, this course is free (in future about 15,000 :-)

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Sandra Mattsson


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Roger Lundin


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Peter Bökmark

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