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Sonsory analyses
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Basic course in sensory

Due to COVID-19 this course will be postponed to October 13-14 2020.

By using sensory analysis one can measure the sensory properties of a Product.

Appearance, smell, taste, texture and mouthfeel are the experiences that are often measured on different types of foods, even products from other areas can be advantageously analyzed using sensory methods eg. packaging and chemical engineering products.

The course is taught in Swedish.

Goal and purpose

The aim of the course is to give the participant an overview of what sensory analysis is and to give knowledge about different test methods.

Target audience

The course is aimed at those who will start working in sensory analysis or who have worked for a while in this area.


No prior knowledge is needed.


Experienced lecturer from RISE.


The training, which is very practically oriented, is interspersed with theoretical exercises.

Below are some examples of what the course contains:

  • How do our senses work?
  • Test of your own sense of smell and taste.
  • How do you select suitable people for the panel?
  • The panel and the role of the panel manager
  • Analytical test methods - difference test, quality test and descriptive test

Practical information


13 okt 2020, 09:00 - 14 okt 2020, 16:30


Göteborgs stad


RISE, Frans Perssons väg 6, Göteborg

Food and lodging

Lunch and coffee are included.

Accommodation is not included.

Type of event


Registration info


10 400 SEK excluding VAT

Payment details

Anmälan är bindande. Betalning sker via faktura.

Final registration date

22 sep 2020

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