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Attractive workplace in industry

Does your company have a challenge in providing your skills? Do you want to attract the right staff to create innovation and productivity? Then this is the course for you.

Digitalisation with man in focus highlights research and industry examples where new technology is combined with knowledge of man. An attractive industrial workplace is created by shaping a culture that promotes health and creativity as well as gender equality and diversity. Today, there are major challenges linked to digitalisation and sustainability. One of these challenges is skills development. There is a lack of knowledge in new technologies such as AI and machine learning, and at the same time, few are applying to industry. For many, this is already a problem and it is difficult to both get and retain skills.

In this two-day course, you get through specific tips and understanding to capture and manage people for your company's future.

  • Optimize Meetings - Method for analyzing existing meetings and which technical aids may be relevant
  • Work environment for commitment and productivity - Introduction and tools for creating an equal and inclusive work environment
  • Get to know a robot - Quick course in running a UR robot and the use of machine learning.

To create an attractive workplace, a few things are required: you understand your current situation, know where you want to reach and have the staff with you and can work to get there. Your home assignment helps you design a strategy for an attractive workplace by applying digitalization and equality in your company's reality.

At the end of the course you will receive a diploma.

Welcome to the course!

Goal and purpose

Concrete tips and understanding to capture and manage your person in the future of your company. Focus areas are new technology and work environment with digitalisation.

Target audience

Participants from SMEs in roles of production manager, maintenance technician, operator, group manager, HR etc




Cecilia Berlin, Chalmers

Elin Hollström, RISE Piteå 

Sandra Mattsson, Wilhelm Söderkvist Vermelin, Molly Rogstadius, Björn Backman, Peter Bökmark, RISE IVF 

Pierre Bellehed, CEJN

Anna Syberfeldt, Högskolan i Skövde 

Dan Li, Chalmers  


During the days we will go through together megatrends

  • Attractive industry in the future
  • Digital interaction in industrial environments
  • Digitalisation and AI - talk or shop?
  • Learn how to program a robot
  • Attractive industry - that's what we did

During the course you will also be given a home assignment.

Other info

Two day course. If given online it may be divided into several course days. 

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