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Future-proof digitization with a human centered strategy

Attractive industry - Future-proof digitalisation with a human focus

Does your company have a challenge in skill supply?

Do you want to attract the right people to create innovation and productivity?

Then this is the two-day course for you.

Digitization with a human focus highlights research and industry examples where new technology is combined with humanities. An attractive industrial workplace is created by shaping a culture that promotes health and creativity as well as gender equality and diversity. Today, there are major challenges linked to digitization and sustainability. One of these challenges is skills development. There is a lack of knowledge in new technologies such as AI and machine learning, and at the same time, few are applying to industrial careers. For many, this is already a problem and it is difficult to both get and retain skills.

In this two-day course, you will get concrete tips and examples as well as a deep understanding of capturing and managing people for your company's future.

  • A work environment for commitment and productivity - Introduction and tools for creating an equal and inclusive work environment
  • Optimize Meetings - Method for analyzing existing meetings and which technical aids may be relevant
  • Get to know a robot - Quick course in running a UR robot and the use of machine learning.

To create an attractive workplace, you need the following: You understand your current situation, know where you want to reach, that you have the staff with you and that you can work to get there. Your home assignment helps you design a strategy for an attractive workplace by applying digitalization and equality in your company's reality.

The course is arranged as two-course sessions with approximately two weeks in between, April 1 and April 15. A home assignment is given between the course days.

Target audience

Industrial companies, especially SMEs


The course is led by Sandra Mattsson, Wilhelm Söderkvist Vermelin and Molly Rogstadius from RISE, and Peter Bryntesson from FKG.

Lecturer presenting current project results from Production2030:
Cecilia Berlin, Chalmers
Elin Hollström, RISE Piteå
Anna Syberfeldt, University of Skövde
Dan Li, Chalmers
Björn Backman, RISE

Lecturer from company:
Pierre Bellehed, CEJN


Day 1, Wednesday, April 1 09.30-15.30, RISE IVF, Mölndal

- External analysis and a future view of industry and technology. We learn about digitalization and AI in practice, as well as how we create commitment and shape our industrial workplace to attract more skills. The company CEJN presents how they managed to increase both attractiveness and employee satisfaction when they incorporated robots into manufacturing.

Day 2, Wednesday 15 April 09.30-15.30, RISE IVF, Mölndal

- We start by reporting a home task, and then immerse ourselves in concrete AI application and learn how to create a healthy meeting culture. In the afternoon you will learn how to program a real robot arm. We conclude with a summary and guidance on opportunities ahead.


Other info

You register via FKG's website no later than March 27 via the link to the right.


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Argongatan 30

431 53 Mölndal

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Lunch and fika are included

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Payment details

Thanks to the support from Vinnova, this round of the course is free of charge (in the future approx. SEK 15,000)


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Sandra Mattsson


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