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Digital workshop: Creating value for the customer

Would you like to deepen your understanding of how your services create value for the customer? Would you like to learn about methods and tools that deepen the image of the customer and bring ideas for value-creating innovations?

In this workshop you will try some of the methods and see examples of how they can be adapted to different activities. Afterwards, you will be able to start using new methods to understand and create value for the customer - now and in the future.

The workshop will be conducted online and will be led by Sara Renström, design researcher and expert in user-centered design at RISE. Sara has experience in both developing and teaching design methods for product and service development.

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09:00 Welcome and introduction
09:15 Workshop
10:30 Digital coffee
11:00 Workshop
12.00 Closing

This workshop is part of a series of workshop in spring 2020. They are self-contained, you can choose to go on one, several or all.

The workshop is arranged within the project TJIVA. TJIVA is the first accelerator in Sweden, and probably also in Europe, focusing entirely on small and medium-sized service companies and manufacturing companies that want to increase the service content of their products. A collaboration between RISE, the Future Company and Johanneberg Science Park, which is funded by the Västra Götaland region and the European Regional Development Fund. www.tjiva.s

Information about the event

Date: 2 juni 2020

Time: 09:00 - 13:00

Place: Webbaserat

Price for SME*: 500 SEK + moms

Ordinary price: 5 000 SEK + moms

*Discounted fee for SMEs (companies that have not received more than € 200,000 in state aid over the past three years)

Registration is binding, no participation fee is refunded.

Sara Renström

Contact person

Sara Renström

Senior Forskare

+46 10 228 42 14

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