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Counseling on protective equipment and production transition

RISE’s mission from the Swedish government is to work for sustainable growth in Sweden by strengthening the competitiveness and capacity for renewal of Swedish industry. During the corona pandemic, RISE’s support for society and business is more important than ever. Organisations are transforming to support the community and to develop their own business during these difficult, which can also provide conditions for change.


Are you a manufacturer or importer of protective equipment to help the community during the corona pandemic? Do you need help transitioning production? RISE can advice you on the process of testing products, what it takes to sell your products on the market and what directives and standards you as a manufacturer or importer must comply with. But also verification and quality assurance of production, information on suitable materials and procurement procedures.

Before you book counseling you get a time estimate and a cost proposal from RISE that you have to decide on. Price example: SEK 10,000 / 8 hours of consulting (office hours).

When you submit the form, one of RISE experts will get back to you. The first contact is free of charge.

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Support for SMEs

RISE has unique resources to support SMEs in transition. We can help with everything from a change of production towards protective clothing, product development for new markets, automation, upscaling and sustainability focus to competence development or quality assurance. We have experts in most areas. If your company has received advice from RISE, you can request to be piloted directly to one of our regional experts for SMEs near you.

If you have not received counseling, you can read more about our support for SMEs here.

RISE impartiality

The fact that RISE has many competences in the same organisation makes it easier for you as a customer. RISE has an advisory service in the form of what is needed to sell products in different markets and perform tests and certifications so that you can obtain product approval for these markets. RISE has long experience of working with impartiality, and that is something that is always with us in our daily work. It is important that we are impartial when we advise, for example, so that we are not seen in the eyes of different stakeholders as a party who talks about how to make products and then test and certify the same product.

Contact person

Charlotte de Bésche


+46 10 516 51 36

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