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Counseling on protective equipment

RISE’s mission from the Swedish government is to work for sustainable growth in Sweden by strengthening the competitiveness and capacity for renewal of Swedish industry. During the corona pandemic, RISE’s support for society and business is more important than ever. Organisations are transforming to support the community and to develop their own business during these difficult, which can also provide conditions for change.


Are you a manufacturer or importer of protective equipment to help the community during the corona pandemic? Have you considered that almost all protective equipment has regulatory requirements? Do you need help transitioning production? At RISE, you can get counseling on which testing and certification needs to be performed and which directives and standards that you as a manufacturer, importer or need owner in health and care must meet.

Before the assignment is started by RISE, you will receive a time estimate and a cost proposal to decide on. Price example: SEK 10,000 / 8 hours of consulting (office hours).

When you submit the form, one of RISE experts will get back to you. The first contact is free of charge.

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RISE impartiality

RISE creates trust in its services by being objective in the handling of assignments. This means being aware that assignments are performed in an impartial manner without personal gain and that sufficient evidence is sought to show that the service or product meets the requirements.

This also means that RISE cannot participate in the development, production, maintenance, distribution, installation or can perform consulting services for products that we certify.

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* Mandatory By submitting the form, RISE will process your personal data.