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Connected products for the manufacturing industry

The digital transformation will result in a major shift in the interaction between people ans machines. Let yourself . be inspired by new sensor techniques, 3D printed objects with sensors and improved visualisation possibilities. 

In a future Swedish industry, everything from product development, manufacturing methods and integration of value chains to logistics and client contact will be digitalised. Many companies already consider digital platforms as a natural part of their operations. By adopting techniques such as additive manufacturing, artificial intelligence, sensor technology and augmented reality, the Swedish manufacturing industry can strenghten its competitiveness. 

The Vinnovca project ”Uppkoppling och tillståndsmätning av 3D-tillverkade komponenter i krävande applikationer” new technologies has been developed to combine optic sensor techniques with additive manufacturing which opens up the possibility for built-in sensor networks in metallic materials. In combination with AR and VR technology it opens up further opportunities to supervise and control manufacturing processes as well as controlling functions during product use. Welcome to a seminar filled with inspiration and opportunities! 

The event will be held in Swedish.

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Date: October 23, 2019

Time: 09:0-15:30

Place: Kungsportshuset "The Concept", Östra Larmgatan 18, Gothenburg

Price: Free of charge. However, registration is binding but can be transferred to another person within your organisation. No-shows will be charged a 1000 SEK. 

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