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Tools for hormone disrupting substances

The Swedish Center for Substitution has been involved in developing a tool for phasing out hormone-disrupting substances in the construction industry. The method can also be applied to other goods and products.

For construction products, there are several web-based services that help you choose health and environmental better alternatives. The building materials assessment, Sunda hus and BASTA are the most used. The web-based services can be used as a positive list to identify better alternatives and are an important contribution to achieving the national environmental quality goal: Non-toxic Environment.

  • In the autumn of 2019, IVL Swedish Environmental Institute, in collaboration with several actors, including the Substitution Center, produced a guide for how hormone-disrupting substances should be better included in the assessment of construction products, ”Guidance document for handling criteria for endocrine disruptors in the construction industry” (IVL report B2369 , 2020). The guidance describes a workflow and decision support that can be used to assess whether a substance should be classified as endocrine disruptor.
  • BASTA has developed a more easy-to-use material, a guide in Swedish, adapted to the construction industry that wants to register its products in BASTA. To determine which topics are covered, BASTA uses from January 1, 2020 the method described in the guidance.
  • According to BASTA criteria, substances with endocrine disrupting properties must not be included in levels equal to or greater than 0.1%.

The workflow is not limited to the construction industry, but is based on lists developed by, among others, ECHA and ChemSec. This means that even if the aim was to develop guidance for the construction industry, especially for BASTA, the same method can be applied in several industries.

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