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Anual Business Report for the Substitution Center

In 2019, the Swedish Centre for Chemical Substitution entered the establishment phase and has started the journey towards becoming a catalyst for chemical substitution in Sweden.

In 2019 we have:

  • Identified needs and defined our offer within guiding
  • Built a large national contact network for collaboration and guidance
  • Created important international contacts that led to further collaboration
  • Conducted over 30 seminars / trainings where we reached out to over 1 000 people
  • Developed our web and started a digital newsletter about substitution
  • Developed guides and tools for systematic chemical work for SMEs
  • Funded 19 research projects to build competence in substitution


The full Anual Business Report is only available in Swedish.

Download Substitutionscentrums verksamhetsberättelse 2019

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