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With the forest as a starting point, today we can see exciting innovations realised and research that opens for new sustainable solutions. BIOBASE gathers a great number of experts in Piteå to raise the subject of sustainable innovations that all originate in the forest, and this year's conference will be hosted by the WWF president Pavan Sukhdev.

BIOBASE 10–12 June 2019 in Piteå is an international conference on circular bio-based economy. The conference allows the visitor to experience the entire value chain from the forest raw material to the processed products.

The bio-based economy has a key role to play for the sustainable society of the future with everything from bio-based aviation fuel to wood fibre clothing.
In the transition to a fossil-free society, several sustainable alternatives are needed to meet the energy demand. Come and look at the RISE comparison of various energy carriers in the exhibition that is arranged in conjunction with BIOBASE.

Information about the event

Date: June 10-12

Place: Piteå Science Park

For more information visit the Piteå Science Park web site.

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