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Autumn meet-up for the Network of ecodesign

Welcome to the autumn meeting of the Network of ecodesign. This time with a focus on how one can draw benefits from major shifts in order to obtain more circular and sustainable business models. We get to hear about exciting examples from both companies and research projects. 

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09:30, Registration – coffee/tea

10:00 Introduction and information about the Network for ecodesign, Anna Rúna Kristinsdóttir, RISE.

  • The shift in the automotive industry towards 2030 – Mega trends in product development and production, Peter Brynteson, Fordonskomponentgruppen.
  • SE:Kond LIFE – efficient circulation of car parts opens up for more sustainable vehicles and new services within the automotive industry, Johan Dahlström, RISE.
  • 3TEMP's journey from developing the best coffee machine to becoming a key player for sustainable coffee and a platform supplier, Peter Larsson, 3TEMP.

12.30 Lunch

  • Tour of the RISE facilities
  • Development business offers for a cirular economy, tools and research results: Circularity Scanner, Hanna Lindén/Sasha Shahbazi.

Parallell sessions, including coffee:

  1. Workshop about the collaboration within the value chain, in the step towards sustainable development and circular economy. 
  2. LCA praxis based on recent research projects – a selection of: communication between different actors, allocation and circular life cycles, LCA and digitalisation (automised data collection, AI for ecodesign.)


16.30 End

About the Network for ecodesign

The Network for ecodesign keep members updated with the latest news, for example legal aspects, material and product development minimising climate impact. The network offers support, networking and knowledge exchange, as well as individual support for each member company.

Information abou the event

Date: October 29, 2019

Place: RISE, Argongatan 30, Mölndal

Last registration date: October 22, 2019

Price: Free of charge for members. Non members are welcome to a free trial participation.