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Arctic solar conference

Welcome to a digital conference, 9 June 9, on solar in the Nordic climate, where you will have the opportunity to listen to world surveys, research results and what is happening in the Swedish solar industry.

Arctic Solar is a collaboration between Piteå Science Park and RISE, which is run with the aim of increasing the rate of investment in solar power among small and medium-sized companies in northern Sweden.

Solar energy is a relatively undeveloped area in the northern part of Sweden, there is widespread scepticism about how solar energy should work during the dark months and with all the snow. However, research shows that a solar system in cold climates can very well be a profitable and climate-friendly business. Investing in solar is a branding action that can be used in marketing to climate-conscious consumers, which in turn can increase the profitability of the companies.

The event is a joint closing conference for the Arctic Solar and SunCold projects.

Registration and more info

Information about the event

Date: June 9, 2020

Time: 13:00-16:00

Place: Digital

Language: Swedish

More information on the event website.

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