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Anna-Karin Stoltz Ehn


Tel +46 10 516 52 30


Location Stockholm

Unit Stadsutveckling (104201)

Anna-Karin is a senior project / process leader within RISE Urban Development. Anna-Karin has long experience of change processes and innovation in the community building sector with a special focus on collaboration, management and organization for sustainable urban development.

In her role as leader of the focus area Cities in Change within the RISE business and innovation area Sustainable cities and communities, she is responsible for initiating and developing collaborative and innovation projects in co-creative processes, new value calculation models and collaborative governance and management - system and governance innovation.

Anna-Karin has run the project National Cooperation between Innovation Platforms for Sustainable Cities in 2016-2019 and has initiated the project SIGURD, the effects of urban building investments and values ​​for sustainable community development. Anna-Karin is an international economist, specializing in economics, environmental economics and French.

- Leading and organizing innovation for sustainable urban development…
- Innovation capacity to lead and organize sustainable social development - experiences and recommendations from the innovation platforms
- From living labs to transition labs…

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