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Embracing AI - for a sustainable future and society

The 2020 AI Day will be postponed until September. More information to follow!

At RISE, we see AI as an area of innovation, one that can advance humankind. We use it for Assisted intelligence, Augmented Intelligence, and, yes, Artificial intelligence. AI can be the highway to a better society. Our responsibility is to build robust, explainable, and transparent AI.

The 2020 AI Day has the theme Embracing AI – for a sustainable future and society. Vision and future directions.

Prepare yourself for a day full of technical TED-talk style keynotes delivered by global AI thought-leaders, conversations on stage, and in our Interact Zone. Talks will cover the underlying technology of project debater, how to work with embedded convex optimization without human intervention, and how to optimize and scale good user experience.


AI Day 2020 is brought to you by RISE and AI Innovation of Sweden.

Ather Gattami


Ather Gattami

Senior Researcher

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