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Sustainability objectives

We have identified and prioritised three areas in which we have the greatest opportunity to influence our environment:

Our offer – the effects of our research, development and innovation contributes to sustainable development and increased competitiveness.

Our operations – our operations are managed sustainably and with long-term aims.

Business relationships – we provide our services in a responsible manner.

Based on these three areas, RISE’s Board of Directors has adopted three overarching business-related strategic objectives that also emphasise the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals as a method for clarifying RISE’s contribution to sustainable development.

Responsibility objective

100% of our customer assignments will come with a Sustainability Declaration and be linked to one of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. This implies that we must know whether projects and assignments have an impact on sustainability and which of the UN’s SDGs they address.

In december 2021, 94 per cent of our assignments had a Sustainability Declaration (in 2020 the number vas 83%).

Business objective

10% of turnover shall be generated as a direct result of sustainability work. Based on our Sustainability Declarations, we shall measure the growth of sustainable projects undertaken by RISE. We shall manage our projects to ensure that they constitute responsible business to an increasing degree.

34 per cent of our turnover was generated out of our sustainability work, during 2021.

Attraction objective

RISE shall be one of the 10 most attractive employers in our category nationally.

As of 2021, we occupied place 9 (2020, we were placed 8).

Climate objective

Our effect on the climate shall decrease each year, to become climate neutral in 2025. With this goal RISE will contribute to the transition and lead by example. Also, we want to use our competency to support climate projects. The action plan to achieve our goal focuses on areas where action brings the greatest climate benefit, including our properties, travel patterns and our purchases, and has planned activities, goals and milestones for each year. In line with the RISE sustainability strategy, we will use our organisation as a testbed both when it comes to technological development and the decrease of emissions. 

RISE emitted 3,116 tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2), during 2021.

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