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RISE research and innovation strategy

The purpose of RISE research and innovation strategy is to develop knowledge and innovation-supporting expertise and to strengthen our ability to respond to the accelerating pace of global change and the challenges facing trade and industry and society.

RISE, as research and innovation leader for Sweden, is ready to lead the way in the transition to a sustainable society for future generations. This means that RISE helps to strengthen competitiveness, reform and sustainable growth, creates an impact in the innovation system, and supports societal development from an overall perspective.

Business and innovation areas

RISE has identified six primary Business and innovation areas (B&I areas), which are tasked with amassing expertise and working across all divisions and businesses in order to respond to long-term and major challenges through interdisciplinary innovation.

Our business and innovation areas.

16 group-wide research areas

There are 16 group-wide research areas in which both group-wide and divisional strategic initiatives are underway, funded by strategic competence (SC) funds. Some RISE operations excluded from SC funds are also represented in the 16 areas and help to strengthen RISE competitiveness, such as contract research directly for customers and EU projects.

Our group-wide research areas.

Reinforcement Areas

RISE has also identified areas in which knowledge development needs reinforced owing to changing challenges in society. We call them reinforcement areas. Two of these, applied AI and Cyber security, became RISE centre formations in 2021. This will ensure additional long-term focus so as to respond to needs from a greater societal perspective and facilitate the acceleration of applied research in order to strengthen Swedish competitiveness. The scope of a RISE centre encompasses everything from basic research to application-centric research.

Our reinforcement areas.