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Strategic investments 2022-2026

In order to help industry and the public sector develop new solutions for a sustainable future, RISE continuously strives to develop new offerings and expertise. Our strategic investments are based on the current needs of the world around us, as well as those that are just around the corner.

The UN Sustainable Development Goals set the overall direction for a sustainable future by 2030. At RISE, these goals serve as the guiding star for all the work we do, and the vision for what we want to achieve together with our customers and partners. 

We have decided on these strategic investments in collaboration with our customers, as a means of predicting future needs. They are also aligned with the prioritized societal challenges of the Swedish Government Research Bill.

Focus of the RISE strategic investments 2022–2026:

Climate and environment


Health and welfare




Talent management and working life


A strong, democratic society



To meet these societal challenges RISE will during the next years focus on areas such as total defense, green energy, sustainable food production, transition management, health and life science, resilient information system, lifelong learning and circular economy. We continue developing our infrastructure for test and demo to enable upscaling of biorefinery, material development, battery testing and sustainable transports