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Business and innovation area: Digitalisation

Sweden can once again become a world leader in the utilisation of opportunities afforded by digitalisation – through long-term viability, a holistic approach, and concentrated efforts. This is an important objective and mission for us at RISE. With a focus on data-driven innovation and applied research, we support industry and the public sector in gaining a better understanding of digital solutions and the applications thereof.

Within the business area, we amass all of the group’s digitalisation expertise in artificial intelligence (AI), advanced sensors, analysis and storage of large data volumes, data security and privacy, visualisation, design, IoT, service development and user behaviors. We combine technical know-how with industry knowledge, innovation management skills, national and international networks, and unique testbeds and demonstration facilities. Together with our customers and partners, we develop new technologies, new working methods and new business models for digital reform and sustainable transformation. With the user as the focal point.

Digitalisation means different things for different companies and businesses. No matter where you are on your digitalisation journey, RISE is your partner for digital reform.

The business area focuses on the following:

Digitalisation in industry

We push and coordinate knowledge development and digital applications in industry focusing on artificial intelligence, visualisation and industrial data security and machine learning.

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Contact: Marie-Louise Bergholt

The connected person

The area studies how individual people use digital technology and of how the digital technology uses people. That is, how the individual person affect their life with digital technology and how businesses and society may use the digital trace for different purposes.

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Contact: Kristina Knaving

Connected cities

Supports and push development of smart sustainable cities with the aid of data driven innovation and applied ICT solutions. To the benefit of people, environment, businesses and society.

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Contact: Claus-Popp Larsen

RISE i det digitala Europa

Digitalisering och digital omställning är en central del av EU:s forsknings- och industripolitik, med höga ambitioner och flera stora satsningar. Fokusområdet RISE i det digitala Europa strävar efter att maximera möjligheterna med EU:s satsningar med fokus på att skapa nytta för Sverige.  RISE kan bidra med  kompetens och forskning och på det sättet vara med och påverka för största möjliga effekt i det svenska samhället. 

Kontakt : Adam Edström

Per-Olof Sjöberg

Contact person

Per-Olof Sjöberg

Affärs-och innovationsområdeschef

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Contact Per-Olof
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