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Innovation support services

RISE Innovation Offices allow us to offer a range of innovation support services that facilitate an efficient and successful development and innovation process irrespective of whether the aim is a technological shift, business development or organisational evolution.

Translucent Innovation

Translucent Innovation is a digital platform and app for open innovation, in which the company’s needs for research or business development are matched with RISE expertise and 5,500 startups and small businesses in the Swedish Incubators and Science Parks (SISP) network.


A two-day workshop based on design methodology in the field of product and business development, aimed at providing an informed decision prior to commencing an innovation project. A concrete customer requirement is formulated and submitted via Translucent Innovation. Responding companies are invited to attend the workshop for creative concept generation and structured assessment of profitability and implementability. Deliverables from the workshop are a number of completed concepts.

Need Portfolio Management (NPM)

How does one determine which needs will provide the best return and can realistically be delivered at a given cost and within a given timespan? RISE offers support in Need Portfolio Management (NPM), a service very much akin to PPM but with the focus on need and business opportunities prior to the commencement of a project. During a two-day workshop, current needs from the sales organisation are analysed and a need portfolio is prepared. In combination with a training course, the company can then drive their own NPM process.


Needs analysis carried out within NPM can be supplemented with a root-conflict analysis of the most business-critical needs. TRIZ is a method for quickly identifying general problem-solving principles to deal with technical issues. RISE offers both training and workshops on TRIZ methodology. TRIZ is a Russian acronym for the ‘Theory of Inventive Problem Solving'.

Innovation Landscaping

This service is aimed at companies that require solutions to technical or business-related problems and need support in evaluating possibilities such as joint venture, patent procurement or company acquisition to obtain the correct technology. Based on the challenge facing the customer, RISE will compile a report on relevant partners and technical solutions, interview candidates and arrange workshops with the customer.

Innovation Due Diligence (IDD)

This service is offered in collaboration with Luleå University of Technology’s business development company LTU Business and is focused on early-stage innovation and business ideas. We undertake a detailed evaluation of business potential in three stages, allowing an informed decision on how the innovation/business idea should be developed.


Beyond, a collaboration with Ideon Open in Lund, is an incubator and accelerator for product and business development in large, established businesses. Beyond offers the company an innovation environment for the development of creative ideas and new technologies, with working teams placed in the incubator for up to a year.

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The Pink – Design Enabled Ecosystem for Prototyping Sustainable Futures

The Pink is both a physical and a virtual innovation hub and a design-driven ecosystem; a platform for cutting-edge innovation and sustainable social transformation. The Pink is a project for prototyping sustainable futures in which dynamism, creativity and exploration are the key.

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Contact: Ambra Trotto

Innovation competition

On behalf of Vinnova, RISE also runs a national innovation competition office aimed at supporting public authorities, organisations and businesses in effectively utilising and implementing innovation competitions in their organisational development. Among other things, we provide support for the procurement and evaluation of innovation competitions, as well as strategies for implementing the results obtained.

Contact: Anders Hjalmarssom Jordanius