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Future scenarios and roadmaps

Using systematic business intelligence based on challenges and needs, we are able to provide an overview of which trends and conditions can be expected to affect the organisation in the short and long terms.

These methods have been developed over a long period of time and are combined with the research and in-depth technical expertise available at RISE.

Our Technical Innovation System (TIS) is a methodological framework through which we analyse the emergence of new technological sectors. This is used to identify opportunities and obstacles to growth in various technological fields. The method can be used in a number of areas, although it does require good knowledge of the technology in question.

Among other things, we can deliver:

  • Trend spotting and action plans to meet future challenges
    • Systematic data collection allows the analysis of business intelligence to draw strategic conclusions and model future scenarios.
  • Forecasting of new, fast-moving or disruptive solutions
    • Can include technologies, business models, organisations, etc.

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